The Efficiency Of Battery Powered Space Heaters

battery powered space heatersYou might hear people say that electric space heaters are expensive to operate and do not seem to be very efficient to use, but those people are usually not referring to battery powered space heaters. They are talking about the type of electric space heaters that are plugged into a wall outlet in order to get the electrical power that they need to produce the heat. One of the most efficient types of space heaters is the type that runs on solely on electricity that comes from batteries.

Some battery powered space heaters have the ability to gather energy from the sun and covert it into solar power. These space heaters are capable of storing some of that energy in the special battery for times that the space heater is needed when there is no sun light, such as during the night hours when the room or building is much cooler. This type of battery powered space heater is the most efficient to operate because all that it needs for energy is some light from the sun. There is no fuel to buy or additional cost on the electrical bill to pay for operating a solar space heater, so the user only needs to pay to purchase the space heater and perhaps some repairs or maintenance over the years that it is used. Since there are minimal overhead costs, the battery powered space heaters that store solar energy are likely to be the most efficient space heaters on the market.

Another thing that makes battery powered space heaters very efficient is the fact that they usually have a choice of at least two heat settings and a thermostat that automatically switches off the space heater when the surrounding air reaches the temperature that it was set on. This is a very efficient process, because the space heater ceases to expend energy to continually produce heat that is not needed. When the surrounding air temperature drops a few degrees below the heat setting on the battery powered space heater, it begins to produce heat once more. Having a thermostat that helps regulate the temperature in the area is very similar to the way that central heat works in a home, except that the space heater efficiently concentrates on one area or room instead of heating unused areas of a home.

Battery powered space heaters are quite streamline and light weight, so they are very portable. They can easily be moved to a different area of a room where the cord of a standard electric space heater might not be able to reach. A battery powered space heater can also be moved to any room where more heat is needed, even if all of the electrical outlets in the room are already being used for lamps, computers, televisions, or other things. Since there is no need to locate a place to plug in a battery powered space heater, they can even be used to heat garages, sheds, or other out buildings that have no electrical power source.