Best Type Of Space Heater For A Mobile Home

space heater for mobile homesThere are many people these days living in mobile homes, whether out of necessity due to low finances or simply desire for the ability to take their home along when they move to another location.  Unfortunately, there are often problems with heating, especially with older models of mobile homes.  The owners often find themselves considering the purchase of one or more space heaters for additional warmth during the winter months.  There are laws in some states that are strict about what type of space heaters can be used in this type of home and it is always best for people buying a mobile home or relocating it to another area to check the restrictions that might be in place.  Once any restrictions are accounted for, they can begin shopping for the space heaters.  No matter what type of space heaters are purchased, it is important that there are safety features such as an automatic shut off when the space heater overheats or is knocked over, as well as a thermal protective coating around the motor and a flame resistant housing.  These safety features will help protect against fires, which are one of the main causes of injuries and deaths related to space heaters.


Electrical space heaters are most likely the best type for mobile homes.  They are easy to operate and do not require the purchase of a special type of fuel which could run out at the most inopportune times.  Most rooms in mobile homes have wall outlets so it is easy to set up space heaters just about anywhere that they are needed.  Of the space heaters that run on electricity, the ceramic strip models are likely to be the best choice for use in a mobile home.  They are low to the ground so they are less likely to be knocked over.  The main precaution with using this type of space heater is that it needs to be placed three or more feet from curtains, furniture, or other objects that could catch on fire.


It is important to keep in mind that electric space heaters are not always the best choice for use in older mobile homes.  The reason for this is the possibility that the electrical wiring in an older model mobile home might not be capable of handling the demand put on it by running several electric space heaters at once.  This could result in shorted out fuses or fried wires in the walls.  The fuses can be changed, but unless the wiring is upgraded, the same number of space heaters cannot be plugged in and running at the same time or it will just blow the fuse again.  That could become quite annoying, especially if there are no spare fuses and it is hazardous to go get more due to inclement weather.  The result of fried wires in the walls is a higher concern.  They could start a fire inside the wall that could spread throughout the mobile home in very little time, causing massive property damage as well as possible injury or death of the occupants.