Do It Yourself Space Heater Repairs

diy space heater repairsOwning and using a space heater in your home can be a great way to keep yourself and other family members warm when the house furnace goes out when a little additional warmth is needed in a particularly chilly room.  Whether it was ordered online or purchased at a store, every new space heater on the market will come with an instruction manual that can assist you with troubleshooting when your space heater does not seem to be operating properly.  Depending on the type of space heater, some instruction manuals may actually give details about how to do simple routine maintenance or how to fix very minor problems with the space heater.  Those detailed instructions should be followed precisely because deviating from them could be very dangerous to anyone that is near the space heater during the repair.  Even if the repairs using the wrong instruction manual seem to go well without any incident, there is still the possibility that something could go wrong the first time the space heater is used after it was worked on.


It is highly recommended that you leave any major repairs to your space heater for a professional that specializes in repairing your type of space heater.  By attempting to do major repairs on your own, you could end up making the problem worse or even causing injury to yourself, others in the area, or the surrounding buildings.  A space heater troubleshooting guide should not be referred to when trying to fix a different model of space heater, even if both of them are made by the same company.  Most troubleshooting guides are specific to the model of space heater that they came with because there are many types of space heaters that operate in totally different ways.  Something as simple as a slight difference in the location of a particular wire between the two space heaters could prove disastrous if you try to use the wrong troubleshooting guide for your particular model of space heater.  You might accidentally rewire your space heater incorrectly and cause it to blow up or start a fire.


With the proper troubleshooting guide in hand, there are some repairs that are safe for the owner to do.  An example of this is the changing of the quartz rods in a quartz space heater.  The heating element on this type of space heater is enclosed in a layer of metal or quartz which is positioned in front of a reflective panel.  The heat is reflected off the panel and directs it out in front of the space heater to warm the area that is right there instead of generating heat for a part of the room that is not occupied.  Occasionally, the quartz rods will need to be replaced.  New ones can be purchased directly from the manufacturer of the space heater or at a local that carries space heater parts.  The old rods are easily snapped out of the housing and the new rods are snapped in place.