DeLonghi EW7707CB Oil-Filled Portable Radiator Review

After nearly having a heart attack after looking at my latest heating oil bill, I decided to get a space heater to help alleviate the costs.  I ended up going with the Delonghi EW7707CB Oil-Filled Portable Radiator with ComforTemp Technology.  There were a few reasons I chose this machine.  I liked that it had ComforTemp Technology that allows it to heat efficiently.  There are also three heat settings if I don’t want to use the ComforTemp, as well as an adjustable thermostat.   Thermal slots allow heat to flow very easily and naturally.  The surface temperature stays low and the machine is almost noiseless. It’s an oil filled radiator that’s permanently sealed, which means it will never need refilling.  Smart Snap wheels make it easy to move the heater wherever I need it to go, though I usually keep it in my finished basement. I’ve seen a definite improvement in the comfort of my home (and my wallet) since I’ve started using this heater.


  • ComforTemp Technology: All I have to do is press one button and this heater will maintain the optimum temperature in my home.  It seems that “optimum” is about 70 degrees, which sits very well with me.  I usually keep it on this setting, which I assume is what has contributed in the drop in my heating bills.

  • Low/Medium/High Settings: As nice as the ComforTemp setting is, sometimes I just want to get really warm.  If that’s the case, all I have to do is flip it on high and let it go.  It heats up my basement quite quickly, and then all I have to do is set it down a bit lower to keep it that way.  I like that whatever kind of heat I’m looking for I can get.

  • Low Surface Temperature: I have two large, affectionate, and very curious dogs.  Whenever anything new comes into the house they have to check it out.  I was a bit worried about what might happen if I got a space heater – would it burn them if they got too close?  Thankfully this isn’t an issue with the EW7707CB.  The outside housing stays very cool, so my dogs are safe to examine it as much as they please.

  • Quiet: I used to have a space heater in an apartment about ten years ago. It heated alright, but it used a fan to disperse the heat.  Having that noise on all day got pretty distracting, so I was glad when I read that this model was very quiet.  After trying it out for a winter I am very pleased with the results – barely any noise to interrupt my day.


  • Dial Doesn’t Have Numbers: The dial that adjusts which temperature the heater uses is numbered from one to six.  I would have liked to see some concrete temperature values assigned to each number, more to assuage my curiosity than anything else.  On the other hand, it’s pretty intuitive to go from one being the lowest to six being the highest, so I haven’t had any problems finding a good setting for me.
  • Wheels and Carpet Don’t Mix: I like the wheels that are included on this machine, but they don’t really roll well on carpet.  If you live in a heavily carpeted home, you’ll find yourself having to wait for the machine to cool down before you move it anywhere.  Works like a charm on bare floors, though.


I’ve noticed a huge different in my heating bill and my comfort level since I started using the Delonghi EW7707CB to help heat my home.  The ComforTemp technology is a great way to heat efficiently, I like that I don’t have to worry about refilling the oil, and the low surface temperature and wheels are a nice plus.  The machine even looks okay, which is always a good thing when it comes to heaters.  I’ve enjoyed using this heater this past winter, and if you’re looking for a supplement to your current heating scheme my guess is you’ll enjoy it too.

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