oil space heaterOil fueled space heaters are actually very efficient, cost-effective, and easy to use.  The oil is sealed in a section of the space heater and it does not need to be replenished by the user because, unlike propane or kerosene, it is not consumed during the process of producing heat.  Instead, the oil is heated when energy is transferred from an internal heating element.  The heated oil remains hot for a long time and radiates the warmth out into the room.  Since the hot oil radiates the heat, the internal element automatically shuts off.  It remains off until the oil cools enough that it no longer produces an adequate amount of heat and then it comes back on and starts the process over again.


The oil space heater is very efficient because it can continue to produce heat even after the internal heating element is no longer consuming energy to heat the oil.  It is also more efficient than other types of space heaters because it continually reuses the same amount of oil that was came with the space heater when it was bought.  There is never a need to go to a store or dealer to purchase more fuel constantly like there is with space heaters that burn up the propane or kerosene that powers them.


The oil space heaters are also much quieter than other types of space heaters because they usually do not have a built in fan that blows the heated air into the surrounding area.  Instead the heat radiates outward from the heated oil in the sealed container within the space heater.  The absence of a fan actually adds to the efficiency of the oil space heaters. By not having a fan like some other types of space heaters, there is less energy used by the oil powered space heaters.  That can add up to a lot of savings which is why the oil space heaters are so cost-effective.


The oil space heaters are also safer to use than propane or kerosene space heaters because the oil is never burned and therefore does not emit any carbon monoxide into the air and there is no oxygen depletion, either.  This aspect alone inspires people to purchase an oil space heater over some of the other types of space heaters because safety of the family and the home is always a major concern.  On the subject of safety, oil space heaters are usually equipped with an automatic shut off switch that stops it from working if the space heater is knocked over.  In combination with that, with the heating element sealed within the housing, there is less chance of anyone suffering burns when it is accidentally touched.  There are many people that will use a oil powered space heater in the room with young children.


Overall, oil space heaters are some of the best space heaters on the market.  They are definitely worth the initial cost of the purchase price and will easily pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

portable solar powered space heaterPortable solar space heaters are becoming quite popular in many countries because they use the energy from the sun instead of expensive fuel or electricity, so they fit in with the present day movement to “go green”.  In addition, they do not pose as many health risks as the other types of portable space heaters that are available on the market.  Portable solar space heaters are built very compact and light weight so that they are easy to move from one room to the other, including up and down stair cases.  Even though they rely on the sun’s rays to produce heat in a room, they do not need to constantly be where they can absorb the sun’s energy.  Many of the portable solar powered space heaters on today’s market are equipped with a special type of battery that can actually store the sun’s energy that was absorbed using the solar panels during the day.  A fully charged battery can often last long enough to allow the solar powered space heater to continue producing a steady flow of heat until the sunshine comes back.


Solar powered space heaters are a great way to stay warm when the house’s heating system breaks down or when it is not adequate enough to warm a room to a comfortable temperature for the occupants.  Since this type of space heater does not use any flammable fuel, it can be stored anywhere in the house without the worry of the fuel spilling or leaking out or a fire starting.  In addition, a portable solar space heater does not rely on electricity like the commonly used electric space heaters.  By not relying on electricity, a family can use their portable solar powered space heater to have a reliable source of heat even if the power in their house is out.


Portable solar powered space heaters can also be used on enclosed patios that are not hooked up to the main heating system that it used in the house.  Garages and sheds on the property can also be heated with a portable solar powered space heater.  This is great if the people have a pet dog that normally lives outside in a dog house.  The dog can be moved into the garage or shed and kept warm with the heat from the solar powered space heater until the outside air temperature rises enough that the dog can be moved back out to its dog house.


Some people will also find it helpful to use a portable solar powered space heater in a room that is occupied by someone that it very young, elderly, or ill.  People in these groups have trouble regulating their own body temperature and need more warmth in the room than others in order to feel comfortable.  Of course, even a solar powered space heater should be turned off if the occupant is asleep and there is no one in the room that is capable of monitoring it to be sure that nothing goes wrong.

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